Bowbridge Band - That's As Good As It Gets


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    That's As Good As It Gets CD Baby

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Review Text The Bowbridge Band have risen from the ashes of 90,s shoe gazers The Calender Dream later to become Watch 44. After getting bored in retirement from the leicester music scene bass player and part vocalist Howard met Peter Stafford a maestro of guitar playing and decided to start recording some songs. At this point we realised we needed a drummer so contacted the musical professor that is Robyn Gibson who has been in nearly every good Leicester band for about 25years. His most recent being Ambrose Tompkins and now The Junipers. We went to Alan Jenkins Cordelia recording studio at Stay Free and started work. About this time Ian Parr the master shoe gazer and guitar pedal lethario also was getting bored and wanted to do some recording so we kind of joined forces. One cold snowy morning i awoke and thought, wait a minute there boys we are a band. The next six months were mainly taken up with trying to think of a good snappy original name for the band (which isn't very easy). luckily the incompetant fascists also known as leicester city council, not happy to learn from the architectural mistakes they have been making for last 50years decided to go against public opinion and demolish the bowstring bridge. If you like your music with proper guitar parts drums you can hear played by a person, lovely harmonies and lyrics that are interesting and actually mean something, oh yeah and the sublime sound of a real hammond organ give The Bowbridge Band 'As good as it gets' a listen.

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