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Review Text From the ageless bluesman of Mali comes this greatest-hits compilation. The album is culled essentially from three previous albums as well as a number of non-commercial Revue Noire compilations distributed in France. His 1994 album, Kar Kar, contributes a single track in "Santa Mariya," and the Sa Golo album contributes four tracks, including the age-old song retelling the story of "Sundiata." 1999's Macire contributes another four tracks, and aside from a stray track from Rokia Traore's Wanita album, the rest of the songs hail from classic Revue Noire samplers. His eternal classic, "Mali Twist" (which made him a star back in the early '60s), is here, as is the most contemporary of his works in tribute to his deceased wife. The sound is always relatively bare, usually with just his bluesy guitar and soft vocals. In places, he's accompanied by the balofon or perhaps a harmonica and small-group vocals. For a single duet, he plays guitar and sings alongside Rokia Traore (no relation), an up-and-coming singer/songwriter from Mali. Given the enormity of his contribution to Malian music, the first suggestion for a listener would be to dig up the four albums he's done separately, to include a number of tracks not included here. That aside, this is quite a worthwhile album, collecting the most noteworthy tracks from the previous albums. Moreover, the various non-album tracks here make the album worth picking up regardless of the other albums, for collectors and curious listeners alike. Some of the Revue Noire recordings are the most notable tracks from his career. For newcomers and fans alike, this compilation does a good job of reviewing the high points in the end of Traore's noteworthy career. ~ Adam Greenberg

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Bebe Bo Nadero - 5:34
  2. 2. Kar Kar Madison - 6:40
  3. 3. Soundiata - 6:10
  4. 4. Mancipera - 6:31
  5. 5. Mali Twist - 7:04
  6. 6. Macire - 5:48
  7. 7. Les Efants de Pierrette - 6:38
  8. 8. Dounia - 7:34
  9. 9. Mouso Teke Soma Ye - 6:16
  10. 10. Tounga Mogni - 4:24
  11. 11. Maou Leye Mara - 4:28
  12. 12. Je Chanterai pour Toi - 6:59
  13. 13. Santa Mariya - 6:37

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