Tabala Wolof: Sufi Drummi


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    Tabala Wolof: Sufi Drummi Village Pulse

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Review Text From the Village Pulse label's explorations of Senegalese (primarily) drumming traditions comes this album of Wolof drumming from the Qadiriya sect of Sufism. Boubacar Diagne, a seventh-generation drummer, leads an ensemble through a number of rhythms from the Senegalese Wolof traditional repertoire, infused into the structure of Sufism. The first half of the album is solely percussion, as the quartet of drummers works through a set of intricate rhythms in volleys between the different drums of the ensemble. The ending framework of thumps and taps becomes a relatively complex piece as the performers alternate with one another and interpolate their differing rhythms with one another (a standard practice in West African drumming is to use a number of people each playing different rhythms together in one interlocking whole). Adding to the main rhythms is an effect of clockwork as the drummers tap the sides of the drums with their sticks to add to the rhythm. It's a stunningly mechanical sound laid over the top of the older sound of drums, and the two work together quite well. The second half of the album is comprised of vocal choruses from an all night religious celebration. The same drumming patterns are laid down as the framework for the music, but above them floats a chorus of villagers. After a number of these pieces, the album finishes out on a piece where the drummers each drop one of their sticks in reverence to the old style of "one-stick playing" for a slightly less dense sound. For most listeners, the sabar drumming of the Wolof might present itself as a more exciting alternative, but nonetheless the tabala ensemble does an outstanding job here, and is worth a listen or two at the very least. ~ Adam Greenberg

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Dembe - 4:39
  2. 2. Laye Laye - 4:42
  3. 3. Bak - 7:39
  4. 4. N'Diouck - 4:02
  5. 5. M'Balax - 8:53
  6. 6. N'Deuthe - 7:55
  7. 7. Men's Chorus - 5:25
  8. 8. Men's Chorus - 5:43
  9. 9. Women's Chorus - 5:54
  10. 10. Men's Chorus - 5:02
  11. 11. Men's Chorus - 8:20
  12. 12. Beni Galene - 7:02

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