Born To Die


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    Born To Die Interscope
    1. Born To Die: The Paradise Edition (Hol) Interscope
    2. Born To Die Interscope

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Review Text Lana Del Rey is a femme fatale with a smoky voice, a languorous image, and a modeling contract. Not coincidentally, she didn't lack for attention leading up to the release of her Interscope debut, Born to Die. The hype began in mid-2011 with a stunning song and video for "Video Games," and it kept on rising, right up to her January 2012 performance on Saturday Night Live (making her the first artist since Natalie Imbruglia in 1998 to perform on SNL without an album available). Although it's easy to see why Del Rey got her contract, it's also easy to hear: her songwriting skills and her bewitching voice. "Video Games" is a beautiful song, calling to mind Fiona Apple to Anna Calvi as she recounts another variation on the age-old trope of female-as-sex-object. Her vacant, tired reading of the song rescues it from any hint of exploitation, making it a winner. ~ John Bush

Track Listing

Record: 1

  1. 1. Born to Die
  2. 2. Off to the Races
  3. 3. Blue Jeans
  4. 4. Video Games
  5. 5. Diet Mountain Dew
  6. 6. National Anthem
  7. 7. Dark Paradise
  8. 8. Radio
  9. 9. Carmen
  10. 10. Million Dollar Man
  11. 11. Summertime Sadness
  12. 12. This is What Makes Us Girls

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