Border Vengeance


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Although Jack Perrin had been in films for over a decade and had been playing leading roles since 1919, indie film company Aywon nevertheless claimed this routine Western as his first starring vehicle. Wes Channing (Perrin) owns a ranch with Buck Littleton (Bud Osborne), a nice man who drinks and gambles too much. Littleton loses the ranch to Flash Denby, a gambler (Leonard Clapman), and Channing makes a fierce attempt to hang onto the land. Old Rufe Sims (Hugh Saxon) has a mining claim near the ranch, and Channing rescues him when he prematurely sets off a load of dynamite. The sheriff's men come to seize the ranch, and Channing is forced to flee across the border. The crafty Denby tricks Sims granddaughter, Mary (Josephine Hill), into signing the mine over to him. Just as she is putting her pen to the document, Channing reappears and gives Denby the trashing he deserves. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

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1 hour, 20 minutes
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