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Review Text There so many generically titled Bob Marley compilations that it's become hard to distinguish between them. This anthology's title is not only generic, it's not especially accurate, considering that none of the tracks predate 1970 (though Marley began recording in the early '60s), and that a few of them were cut in 1976, just five years before his death. Look beyond the vague title, however, and it is indeed a pretty worthwhile two-CD collection of '70s material, mostly from the earliest part of that decade, and mostly not among his most familiar work. A bunch of Marley's more famous tunes are here -- "Lively Up Yourself," "Concrete Jungle," "Trenchtown Rock," "Small Axe," "Soul Rebel," "Duppy Conqueror," and "Kaya," for instance -- but these are not necessarily the most familiar versions, often predating the ones that got the most international exposure. Whether or not you prefer these versions (and they are pretty good, whatever your preference), it's a pretty solid anthology of stuff, mostly from just before his leap to global distribution with Catch a Fire (though there are a few tracks post-dating Catch a Fire, most notably a number of songs from 1976 sessions at Lee Perry's Black Ark studio). Generally the sound is a little more stripped-down and less slick than that on his most commercially successful albums, and there are quite a few obscure tunes to tempt those looking to expand their Marley collection, including some from early-'70s singles on the Tuff Gong and Upsetter labels. Other oddities (though by no means the best items here) include a cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Long Long Winter" from an obscure 1971 Jamaican 45; a dub mix of "Kaya"; and, more dubiously, a "full length discomix version" of "Keep on Moving." The track sequencing and overall standard of the packaging could be better, but there is informative song-by-song annotation by Ian McCann, author of Bob Marley: A Complete Guide to His Music. Though more careful and focused compilations of Marley's lesser-known '70s output could be done, this is still a good deal for those looking to acquaint themselves with some of his more impressive underexposed material. ~ Richie Unterberger

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Trenchtown Rock - 3:58
  2. 2. Sun Is Shining - 2:12
  3. 3. Satisfy My Soul - 2:45
  4. 4. Turn Me Loose - 3:31
  5. 5. Picture on the Wall - 3:58
  6. 6. Shocks of Mighty - 4:32
  7. 7. Jah Is Mighty - 2:25
  8. 8. Kaya - 3:39
  9. 9. Small Axe - 4:54
  10. 10. Lively Up Yourself - 3:51
  11. 11. Concrete Jungle - 3:10
  12. 12. Duppy Conqueror - 4:39
  13. 13. Keep on Moving - 3:03
  14. 14. Mellow Mood - 3:29

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