Black Faith Inquisition


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    Black Faith Inquisition Moribund Records

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Review Text A bastion of American black metal, Blood Stained Dusk returns after a four-year hiatus with BLACK FAITH INQUISITION, a 72-minute journey into the dark recesses of the soul. The band’s debut for Moribund Records, and its first since the death of two of its members, BLACK FAITH INQUISITION is eight tracks of blistering, atmospheric horror. Gaining strength from its loss, the band has never sounded more ferocious. With its shredding guitars, blood-curdling vocals, and icy keyboard work, Blood Stained Dusk makes a potent statement with this new release.

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. March to Death (Intro) - 5:45
  2. 2. Of Wolf's Blood - 11:07
  3. 3. Coven of the Dying Sun - 10:00
  4. 4. Conquering the Avarice of Martality - 10:34
  5. 5. Eve of Maelstrom - 10:22
  6. 6. Astrum Obscurum - 14:41
  7. 7. Ashes from a Evening Heaven - 9:23
  8. 8. Knell Resounding (Outro) - 3:33

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