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    13 0903 Triple X Entertainment

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Review Text The second album by the Blood Drained Cows continues their debut's fixations on classic '60s garage rock (along with Gregg Turner's fine originals in the style, a compellingly spooky cover of the Nightcrawlers' "Little Black Egg" provides a highlight), Roky Erickson (the fairly rare "White Faces" is the Blood Drained Cows' Erickson cover this time out), and the sort of extraterrestrial obsessions familiar to listeners to Art Bell's radio talk show and reruns of The X-Files. Producer Andy Shernoff gives the album a righteously cheap sound immediately familiar to that of his own band, the Dictators, and even factoring the difference between Turner and Handsome Dick Manitoba as singers -- Turner is more technically skilled by far, though he lacks Manitoba's gloriously larger-than-life persona -- there's a strong correlation between the Dictators' tongue in cheek celebration of early punk culture and the "Blood Drained Cows"' even more smart-alecky approach. On songs like the Turner/Shernoff collaboration "A New Theorem," the Blood Drained Cows are equal parts dead serious and completely goofy, a tricky but enjoyable blend. ~ Stewart Mason

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Hanta Virus Deer Mouse Blues - 4:40
  2. 2. They Took You Away (Mt. Bonnell RD.) - 4:31
  3. 3. Digging Up My Date - 3:39
  4. 4. Someone Took My Home Away - 2:42
  5. 5. White Faces - 2:12
  6. 6. Little Black Egg - 3:54
  7. 7. Kingdom of My Mind - 4:12
  8. 8. New Theorem - 3:22
  9. 9. This House Is Not My Home - 3:45
  10. 10. Pretty Poison - 2:23
  11. 11. There Goes the Night - 2:40
  12. 12. Chupacabra Rock N' Roll - 2:07
  13. 13. Request for Closeness - 4:12

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