Marvel’s 80th Anniversary is Today!

If you are anything like us, Marvel has been a huge part of your life for as long as you can remember. August 31st 2019 marks Marvel’s 80th Anniversary. Marvel Comics #1 hit the shelves on August 31st 1939, and in honor of this historic milestone, 80 creative teams have come together to create the comic of all comics. Marvel Comics #1000 is said to tell the complete story of the Marvel Universe and will link storylines together in ways that we have never seen before. For more details, be sure to stay up to date with all of Marvels press releases

All week long FYE and select other retailers will be participating in Marvel’s 80th celebrations.  We know that fans of FYE simply can’t get enough Marvel goodies, that’s why we are so excited to be able to bring you an exclusive apparel line from Neff to celebrate 80 years of success. Check out some of the limited-time merchandise you can find at participating stores and fye.com, and don’t forget to join us in wishing Marvel another 80 years of prosperity!

Marvel 80th Anniversary Limited-time Merchandise  

Marvel 80th Anniversary Hoodie by Neff!

Neff Ghost Rider Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Neff Ghost Rider Tee - Marvel 80th Anniversary

Block Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Marvel Logo Tee - Marvel 80th Anniversary

Neff Spiderman Kanji Logo T-Shirt

Neff Kanji Spiderman Tee - Marvel 80th Anniversary

Marvel Est. 1939 Hoodie

Marvel Est. 1939 Hoodie

Avengers Micro Raschel Blanket

Avengers Micro Raschel Blanket

Make sure to stop by your local FYE store to get a free poster and Marvel 80th Birthday Invitation as a gift with any purchase of Marvel 80th anniversary product. All weekend long you will be sure to find something fun happening at your local FYE, so stop by Thursday for a special curated Marvel collection and Saturday August 31st to celebrate in stores! Don’t forget to share your Marvel pride with us on FYEs official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.