New York Comic Con 2018 – Survival Tips from FYE

Whether you’re an experienced veteran or a first-timer, New York Comic Con can be daunting.  Attending an event of this size requires some sort of preparation and planning. Luckily for you, we asked a few of our experienced NYCC goers in the office and came up with a few NYCC survival tips to make your con experience go a little smoother.

First step, visit the FYE booth!

Just kidding, but we will be in attendance (*cough, cough,* booth #622, next to the Funko Booth). We are unveiling some awesome stuff at this year’s Comic Con. For starters, we will have another series of XXRay figures developed by the one and only Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx. We will also be carrying our NYCC FYE exclusive Bendy and the Ink Machine Pop!, along with past FYE exclusive Pop! figures, new exclusive limited edition vinyl, exclusive horror merchandise including our new steelbooks, Geeki Tikis®, Marvel 10th Anniversary exclusive products including a commemorative t-shirt, sock set, blanket, and New Era cap, plus a few surprises to be found at the FYE Booth. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so take some time to stop on over or check them out online here.

FYE fans checking out our exclusive Funko Pop! collection!

FYE fans checking out our exclusive Funko Pop! collection!

Be prepared for lines, crowds, and more lines

If you’ve been at New York Comic Con before, then this will be nothing new, but for the many first-timers, the crowd size may be a bit overwhelming. And when we say crowds and lines, we really mean it. Herds of people will be lining up for almost anything and everything. Bathrooms, off-site and on-site food options (especially the on-site Starbucks), panels and signing events will be the most popular. Our advice: Get to everything, EARLY. This is crucial.

Get the official NYCC Mobile App

This app might actually save your life. The app not only provides you with a map of the Javits convention center and info on where events and booths are located, but allows you to stay up-to-date on announcements, and helps you plan your show with a personalized list to your favorite panels, guests, autograph sessions, artists, and exhibitors.

Plan ahead and stay updated

The NYCC website has everything you want to know about what guests are attending and where special events are happening and most importantly, where to fo find all the NYCC exclusive products. Our advice is to go through the information on the website and plan out what you want to do and who you want to see before you arrive. Follow NYCC’s official Twitter page for any late news while you’re at the con. It also helps to be following hashtags like #NYCC or #NYCC2018 to stay up-to-date as possible. Aside from the NYCC social feeds, follow the guests you want to see for any news or updates on panels and signings. Follow our social media @OfficialFYE for insights and exclusive content during the convention.

Hydration is key

Long lines and large crowds mean you will be on your feet for the majority of the day, so wear some comfy shoes. There will be food vendors and concession stands at the Con, but they can be quite pricey. Since security at the Javits Center allows you to bring in bottled water and food, we suggest that you bring a few of your favorite snacks and a few bottled waters to keep you focused, hydrated, and fueled up. The more you come prepared the less time you have to spend in lines for food, and the more time you can spend at panels, events, or booths.

A few other tips

Try not to go alone – You’re going to need a line-buddy, which comes in handy especially when the bathroom is calling your name and you need someone to save your spot in-line. Plus, you can have some great experiences being with a friend or a group.

Leave your weapons at the home – If you’re planning on dressing up, make sure you’re bringing plastic/foam props and not the real thing. Security will turn you away.

No service and little WiFi – Don’t expect any service while you’re at the con, and if you need to get online, they do offer WiFi, but it will cost you. There are numerous outlets for plugging in phones or laptops, so bring a charger if you need it.

And lastly, just have fun!