Are DVDs the Streaming Service of the Future?

DVD's, the streaming service of the future?

A few weeks ago we stumbled across this article by Veronica Walsingham published in The New York Times, We Should Have Bought the DVD’s. Let’s start off by saying we agree. Don’t get us wrong, streaming services are incredibly convenient and have impacted the way we consume content, but they are constantly changing. From removing beloved series to creating their own content, there is always something happening causing you to feel the need to subscribe to more and more, which in turn, can lead to a crazy monthly cost. What started as $7.99 monthly for Netflix turned into $110.32 monthly for 11 different streaming services. 

Sound familiar? Yeah, same here. So what in the world is really at play here? As companies like Netflix grew and began to create their own original content we began to create some fun buzzwords. Instead of sitting down every Tuesday during the fall to watch some new show on cable, no we were doing things like “Netflix and chill” or “Cutting the cord!” What a time it was! We thought that within a few short years cable would be dead and we would be watching everything on Netflix. But now it’s 2020, there are now double digit streaming services that are jockeying for the rights to sell us shows like The Office, something we’ve seen 3 times through but still NEED to have access to it. Not only are they selling us the shows that we’ve already seen, as their budgets grow they are all putting out GREAT content. So what do we do? Most of us have bought into several of these services and if we enjoy live sports, the cable company still has a piece of our pockets too. 

So what is there to be done? Well, we’re not necessarily here to save the day but we are here to help in any way we can. With the constant changing environment that is the entertainment industry, we can help add a little stability to your TV show binging. Why worry about your favorite classic series moving around from platform to platform? Why subscribe to multiple services for one show that you’ve seen a hundred times? It’s time to start saving your money for those new, streaming service exclusives. So, if you are thinking about cutting back or adding on to your streaming subscriptions,  head over to or a local FYE store to stock up on your favoritesWe  have FYE has a massive catalog of TV box sets, DVDs, Blu-Ray, 4k Ultra HD, CDs, vinyl and more! Not to mention, there’s also something so satisfying about having a physical copy of a show or movie in the palm of your hands. So next time you plan on starting yet another streaming subscription to rewatch a series, think about your wallet, then head over to or to your local store to stock up on your favorites. Here are some of our favorites:

In case you don’t have HBO Go

In case you don’t have Netflix

In case you don’t have Hulu

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