Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel at FYE! Funko Pops!, Collectible Action Figures, Apparel and more!

Captain Marvel

Is everyone as excited about Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel as we are at FYE? Touted as the most powerful Avenger ever, she is sure to change the game within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speaking of game changers, we have an incredible collection of Captain Marvel products. Check them out below!

FYE Exclusive Funko Pop!: Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers

FYE Exclusive Funko Pop!: Carol Danvers

This FYE Exclusive Pop! shows Carol Danvers ready for action in her flight suit. The Pop! will be released in stores and online on Friday, February 22nd in very limited numbers, so make sure to swing by or find an FYE Store and order yours!

FYE Exclusive Captain Marvel Apparel!

Our collection starts with the Carol Danvers jacket with removable name-tag and continues with a hoodie featuring the Captain Marvel logo and arm patches, a long sleeve tee with sleeve hits, and stylized tees.  If that isn’t the cutest cat in Hollywood then we don’t know what is. Make sure to collect your FYE Exclusive Captain Marvel apparel online and in stores!

Captain Marvel apparel at FYE!

FYE Exclusive Captain Marvel Accessories!

Everyone knows we love Sweatshirt Blankets, but check out the rest of our awesome Captain Marvel Accessories! Show your love for Captain Marvel in style with our Mini Backpack, Snapback Hat and crew socks!

Captain Marvel Crew Socks

Captain Marvel Mini Backpack

Captain Marvel Snapback Hat

Collectibles and Pops!

Marvel Legends Series 6” Action Figures – Captain Marvel

(In Stores Only)

Collect our Marvel Legends Series 6” Action Figures: Captain Marvel (Bomber Jacket), Captain Marvel (Costume), Yon-Rogg, Nick Fury, and Talos.

Find your nearest FYE store and collect them all!

Captain Marvel collectible action figures.

Funko Pop!: Captain Marvel – Vers

Funko Pop!: Captain Marvel - Vers

Carol Danvers Kree name, Vers displays  in her Kree Warriors uniform. Presumably her usual outfit of choice during her time on Starforce.

Funko Pop! Rides: Captain Marvel – Carol Danvers on Motorcycle

Funko Pop!: Rides: Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers on Motorcycle

Possibly one of the coolest things about Carol Danvers is the Harley she cruises around on. Pre-order your Captain Marvel Funko Pop! today!

Funko Pop!: Captain Marvel – Goose the Cat

Funko Pop! Captain Marvel - Goose the Cat

The orange tabby in this movie might just be the cutest cat in Hollywood! The cutest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe sure has been getting a lot of attention in the weeks coming up to the movie release, and we can only hope that this is a recurring role!

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