FYE goes to NCT 127 World Tour NEO CITY : USA – The Origin!

NCT 127 Neo City : USA - The Origin tour poster with NCT 127 members

Needless to say, a huge part of being a K-Pop fan is going to your favorite artists’ concerts during their U.S. tour. As K-Pop fans & aspiring NCTzens ourselves, we couldn’t possibly miss the chance to see NCT 127 in the flesh during their first world tour in North America!

So we went…🚉🚶‍♀️

Venue: Prudential Center

Prudential Center in Newark, NJ
Prudential Center, about 45 minutes before the concert. NCTzens are filing in!

The first stop of NCT 127 World Tour NEO CITY : USA – The Origin was Newark, New Jersey @ Prudential Center! K-Pop fans on the East Coast are familiar with the location for its previous concerts of artists like BIGBANG, EXO, and BTS, as well as a number of KCON NY events in the past years.

And we waited…

Inside Prudential Center before NCT 127 World Tour NEO CITY : USA - The Origin
NCTzens waiting for the show to begin!

We waited in our seats until the show began, making new friends, giving out fan-made goods, and screaming to the Simon Says music video!

And the mysterious yet stylish opening VCR came on – we did our best to capture it in the video below!

Starting with the Powerful Hits

The show opened with the hit songs full of energy starting with the infamous Cherry Bomb and Come Back, one of the B-side tracks in their 1st full album, Regular-Irregular. Cherry Bomb was performed in the English version, which has a killer dance break🕺

NCT 127 performing Cherry Bomb in NCT 127 World Tour NEO CITY : USA - The Origin
Cherry Bomb feel it yum🍒💣

NCT 127 performing Come Back in NCT 127 World Tour NEO CITY : USA - The Origin
Layered stage & multiple LED screens were marvelous in the Come Back performance!

The energy level in the arena was just shooting upwards as NCT 127 continued to perform Limitless & Chain! The lasers & visual effects during Limitless was so fitting!

NCT 127 performs Limitless in World Tour NEO CITY : USA - The Origin
Lasers & screen effects during Limitless😍

Also, the Bluetooth, center-controlled lightsticks changing colors during Chain added the excitement to the already explosive performance! We captured a few seconds of those fantastic moments…👇

Easing into Soft Tunes

After the series of powerful stages, each and every member said hello to the NCTzens filling the arena. We were asked to do a lightstick wave, and we got it down in our second attempt!😂

The performances that followed were more relaxed, soulful tunes of NCT 127; we were treated with Fly Away With Me and Back 2 U, followed by the VCR of 0 Mile music video. Then they performed City 127 and Angel, both of which made all of the fans there heart-eyed😍

Angel was especially the memorable performance, as we all chanted along “I saw the face of an angel” and waved our lightsticks with the nine angels on the stage👼💕 Here are a few seconds of that wonderful moment to share:

First-ever Look at Jet Lag & More on the Mellow Side

Then, the NCTzens who made it to the Newark show were given the greatest gift from the dear boys – the first-ever live performance of Jet Lag, a new track from the new album, We Are Superhuman, which will be released this coming May.

The soft melody and soulful vocals reminded us of a rainy day, and the lyrics promising to be together totally captured our hearts💕 We attempted to save the (greatest) moment in the (not so great) video below😂

After the members asking us how the song was – we gave both thumbs up!!👍👍 -, they continued on to perform Timeless and No Longer, both of which are our favorite slower tracks from their respective albums, NCT 2018 Empathy and Regular-Irregular. Both tracks have that vibe best described as “SM vibe,” if you know what we mean😉, and we absolutely love the songs!

NCT 127/NCT U performing Timeless in NCT 127 World Tour NEO CITY : USA - The Origin
The stage effect during Timeless was so pretty, too!

NCT 127 performing No Longer in NCT 127/NCT U performing Timeless in NCT 127 World Tour NEO CITY : USA - The Origin
Taken down a (fictional) memory lane with No Longer😢

Turning Up the Beat Again!

After a brief interlude, things got excited again in Prudential Center! The stage exploded with our favorite of the favorites, Regular the English version💰 It was followed by Wake Up, which inevitably made all the NCTzens to sing along, “Let’s just wake up this world!”

NCT 127 performs Wake Up in NCT 127 World Tour NEO CITY : USA - The Origin
The metal structure during the Wake Up performance was really cool!

The members really set the arena on fire with close shots of themselves on the screen during Baby Don’t Like It, and Mark & Taeyong really drove it home during the Mad City performance! We were pretty much screaming the whole time (😂) but managed to capture a few seconds of it to share the experience with you:

The songs that followed were also NCT 127‘s absolute hits that don’t need any introduction: Good Thing, Touch, Replay (PM 01:27), Simon Says, and of course, Fire Truck🚒 The entire arena was lit in red, including the fan lights that NCTzens were holding & actual fire soaring to the ceiling🔥🔥

The stage was on fire during Fire Truck🔥🚨🚒

More from We Are Superhuman & Encore

After the (literally) hot stage, New Jersey got to see the music video of Highway to Heaven, which is a new track in the highly-anticipated new album, We Are Superhuman. Both the song & music video had a chic & artistic vibe with the strong synth sounds and black & white cinematics. We can’t wait to see the live performance & for the album to come out!

The encore stages were also full of energy and excitement, especially the first-ever, full live performance of Superhuman, the title of the new album to come! The melody is so refreshing & we could see us playing this track throughout this summer⛱, not to mention the cutest choreography when they express the superhumans like they are😍

The other two songs during the encore, Summer 127 and 0 Mile, are definitely making their way back into our summer playlist as well! It was very hard to say goodbye to NCT 127 after such a fun-filled night, but we have high hopes for our boys to gain the worldwide popularity that they deserve & most definitely come back to the U.S. and meet us again😊💚

NCT 127 ending stage in NCT 127 World Tour NEO CITY : USA - The Origin
Members saying thank you to the New Jersey NCTzens after the Superhuman performance..😢💚

We knew and loved the NCT 127 songs when we went in and came out as NCTzens who just can’t wait until the end of May! A huge thank you from us to the NCT 127 members who gifted an unforgettable night to all of the New Jersey fans💚


NCT 127 World Tour NEO CITY : USA – The Origin continues throughout the rest of April and travels west until May 12th in Los Angeles!

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