The Grammys 2020 is here!

GRAMMYs 2020!

Awards season is in full swing and next up we have the Grammys! We’re looking forward to seeing which artists/albums take home those prestigious titles this Saturday at 8pm on CBS! ICYMI, here are the 2020 Grammy nominees…

This first category pretty much sums up the majority of what we heard on the radio throughout this past year. There’s no doubt that at least one of these tunes got stuck in your head at one point or another. Big names like Ariana Grande and Post Malone are met with some of this year’s best new artist nominees – Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and Lil Nas X – in the race to see which song is named the best of the best. Here are the nominees for Record Of The Year: 

Record Of The Year:

This might be our favorite category. Album of the Year essentially represents the artists’ blood, sweat and tears. Spending untold hours in the studio to create a great album is a level of commitment few people could comprehend. 2019 provided us with some really special albums; here are the nominees for Album of the Year: 

Album Of The Year: 

Along with Record Of The Year, these titles were also top hits from this year, and yet another set of songs you found yourself unintentionally humming all day. From Taylor Swift, all the way to a track from A Star Is Born, this category has a wide variety of songs to choose from. Which one of these popular hits will be named this year’s Song Of The Year? Here are the nominees:

Song Of The Year:

These 8 names might be new to the music scene but they surely do not disappoint. Bringing some new flair to the airwaves, these artists’ efforts are not going unnoticed. From massive hits like Bad Guy, Old Town Road, and Truth Hurts, to name a few, these new artists each contributed to this year’s music in their own unique way and they really delivered. Here are the nominees for Best New Artist:

Best New Artist:

Good luck to all this year’s nominees! See anything you like? Head over to your nearest store or to pick up the top albums of the year! Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our recently revamped Pinterest page!