FYE Monthly Calendar

FYE March Calendar

FYE March Calendar- March is Metal Month

March is here and that means that nice weather is finally in sight! It’s going to be a busy one –  along with great music, movies, Cons, and brand new snacks… It’s METAL MONTH. Stay tuned to our social channels for our annual Battle of the Bands, great give-aways, and trivia. We’re also stoked to announce that the FYE Music tent is back at Epicenter, Welcome to Rockville, & Sonic Temple this Spring and you’ll even have a chance to win some tickets during Metal Month!

Movies – New Movie Tuesdays!

Music – New Music Fridays

Snacks  – This is the big one people, we are FEASTING this month so stay tuned for all these arrivals. 

  • Mountain Dew Violet is back in stock!
  • Garbage Pail Kids Cereal Bars are coming early in the month
  • Our Bob Ross Marshmallow Canvas is back in a new size
  • Easter Reptar Bars are landing in stores soon
  • AND we’ve got Brands from Other Lands, an assortment of candy from all over the world, like Japanese Kit Kats!

Now, if you want to party with us this month you have tons of chances. Come meet us at: 

  • Emerald City Comic Con (3/12 – 3/15 @ Booth #2016)
  • Naka-Kon (3/12 – 3/15)
  • Planet Comic Con (3/20 – 3/22)
  • Fan Expo Dallas (3/27).

Coming out to any of the conventions? Stay up to date with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Have a great month!