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If anyone is still worrying about what to get their significant other relax, we’re going to cover all that here. You’ll find our whole Valentine’s Day collection along with the regular culprits, movies and music, snacks and more! 

Movies – New Movie Tuesdays

Music – New Music Fridays

Valentines Day

Our Valentine’s Day collection is growing by the day! Head on over to FYE to browse our full collection of romantic movies, music, gifts, plush and snacks. Save the drama and order your Valentine’s Day gifts now!

Snacks – Enjoy your Valentine’s Day with these great snacks!

  • Japanese Kit Kats – Come get a taste of flavors like Party Icecream and Orange Chocolate (flavors vary by store)
  • Jelly Belly Rosé Bottle 
  • I Love You So Mochi

New Kit-Kat Flavors

Plush – Everyone needs something to squeeze!

Plush Toys


That’s it for now! Make sure to connect with us on the Official FYE Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show us your favorite valentines day favorites, and check out our new Pinterest page for even more great gifting ideas!