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FYE Launches Line of SNL-branded Consumables Based on Classic Sketches

 FYE Launches Line of SNL-branded Consumables Based on Classic Sketches

FYE just made the holidays sweeter and “Schweddy-er” than ever with a new line of officially-licensed Saturday Night Live confectionery products. With over 45 years of content, FYE has hand-selected some of the most memorable moments from the award-winning show for fans to sink their teeth into. 

This holiday, wrap your lips around our Schweddy Balls!  Every box is packed with mouth-watering, rum-flavored, sea salt chocolate truffles. Made from the secret Schweddy Family recipe, these balls are here for your pleasure! There’s nothing like a Schweddy Ball!

There’s fiber… and then there’s REALLY high fiber!  It would take over 2.5 million bowls of your regular oat bran cereal to equal the fiber content in one bowl of Super Colon Blow Cereal!

Tired of cleaning up that dirty bachelor pad?  If you have a big THIRST for energy, reach for a tall can of Schmitt’s Gay Energy Drink!  Each can is LOADED with 100mg of caffeine to help you power through the dirtiest of jobs.

Some of your favorite sketch characters are brought to life in a variety of chocolate bars. Go crazy for David S. Pumpkins with a pumpkin spice and white chocolate swirl bar.  Any questions?!!  The Spartan Cheerleaders combine the perfect cheer with the perfect chocolate bar – a red velvet and cream cheese swirled delight!  Your favorite Drunk Uncle will also love the dill pickle and bourbon-flavored chocolate bar.  Weekend Update’s City Correspondent, Stefon, has scoured all of the hottest clubs to find a chocolate creation fit for any sweet tooth.  His bar has everything: with milk and white swirled chocolate and hot cocoa flavor. And finally, Teri Rialto and Margaret Jo McCullen have given a seal of approval to The Delicious Dish bar – milk and dark chocolate with sea salt and caramel.  Good times!

All this AND MORE available at FYE stores or FYE.com.

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