Does FYE buy music or movies?

Sell your music to Secondspin!

Today we have an update for all of our FYE media lovers! Back in 1993 FYE started out as a record store where you could visit to pick up your favorite new releases. Throughout the years the company has remodeled and rebranded the business to serve a wider range of pop culture enthusiasts.

Everyday we receive questions about our music and movie collection and whether or not people can sell their used CDs, DVDs or Blu Ray disks to FYE. While you can still bring used movies or music to FYE stores to sell, currently does not accept used items online. However our sister site, will accept your used music and movies!  Head on over to SecondSpin if you have used music or movies that you want to sell! No one pays more for your used music and movies. If you have any questions or concerns about selling to SecondSpin you can check out our Selling Help page.

Additionally, if you are looking for a specific album or movie and can’t find it on we may carry it on SecondSpin has a huge selection of used media including a Collectibles page dedicated specifically to out-of-print or hard to find items. Stay up to date with SecondSpin on Facebook and Twitter for special offers and promotions.

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*All order must meet acceptance standards and be completed using the code., we pay more for your used music or movies!