Its Steelbook Day at FYE!

Its Steelbook Day at FYE!

Tuesday, May 21st is Steelbook day! FYE is celebrating with the release of three epic Steelbooks to get your week started on the right foot. Never heard of a Steelbook? Don’t Worry! Steelbooks are limited edition releases of classic movies on Blu-ray with special artwork to commemorate the film. The steel case or “Steelbook” is a great way to display the artwork and keep your collection looking new for years. We are releasing our FYE exclusive Godzilla, King Kong and Pitch Black limited edition Blu-ray Steelbooks. If your worried about the movies being sold out before you get a chance to visit, don’t be! You can pre-order all of our FYE exclusive Steelbooks right now!

Check out some of the cover art!


FYE Exclusive Godzilla Steelbook

King Kong (2005)

FYE Exclusive King Kong Steelbook

Pitch Black

FYE Exclusive Pitch Black Steelbook

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