FYE’s Top Trends of 2019!

FYE's Top Trends of 2019

This past year has brought some fun new products to our shelves! From collaborations to FYE exclusives, we’ve worked hard to create products that everyone will enjoy. Today, we’re breaking down some of our favorite creations from 2019. Head over to your nearest FYE or check out our website to get your hands on these top items! 

Bob Ross

Bob Ross Products!

One of our favorite collaborations in 2019 was our launch of an exclusive Bob Ross collection. Aimed to inspire a new generation to share The Joy of Painting, this line of exclusive consumables is sure to get those creative juices flowing. Fans can bring out their inner artist with an edible marshmallow canvas, tongue painting candy bars, Bob Ross The Joy of Cereal, and then create in style with a large range of Bob Ross apparel. 

Check out the collection here.

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Product Page!

We certainly didn’t forget about our Anime fans. This year we collaborated with Funimation to create the ultimate collectibles for our My Hero Academia diehards. Through this collaboration we created the Plus Ultra Cereal, Bakugo’s Explosion Chocolate Bar (In Stores Only) and with a little help from Japan Crate, the My Hero Academia Crate, all exclusive to FYE! And if that’s not enough, you’ll find a full line of My Hero Academia apparel, including exclusive hoodies plus long and short sleeve shirts by clicking the link below! Want to stream My Hero Academia? You can find it on FunimationNow.
Check out our entire My Hero Academia lineup here or read more about our collaboration with Funimation and Japan Crate here!


Krampus Product Page!

One of the most surprising trends of 2019 was the overwhelming support for our Krampus lineup. The 2018 film spurred a near cult-like following and fans were eager to show their support for the anti-santa by donning our Krampus apparel line, collecting Funko Pops! and even putting our exclusive Krampus on the Mantle over their fireplace! The horned demon flew off our shelves this holiday season, but don’t worry, he comes back every year to torment.

If you missed out on the Krampus rage, check out the film and product lineup here

Garbage Pail Kids  

GPK Product Page!

Back in May, we teamed up with Topps, the creator of Garbage Pail Kids (GPK), to launch a line of consumable products and brand new merchandise. Our exclusive collection of hot sauces, cereal, energy drink, and candy bars gave fans a new take on this nostalgic brand. We worked closely with GPK artist, Joe Simko, to create custom artwork for in-store signage and product packaging. He was also kind enough to come out and meet fans at several events with FYE this year. 

Bring up the nostalgia and shop this classic collection here.

Saturday Night Live

SNL Product Page!

Another exciting line of products we launched in 2019 was our collection of officially-licensed Saturday Night Live sweets. FYE hand-selected some of the most memorable moments from the award-winning show with an exclusive line of products including: Super Colon Blow cereal, Schmitt’s Gay Energy Drink, Schweddy Balls truffles, and candy bars from Drunk Uncle, Stefon, The Spartan Cheerleaders, David S. Pumpkins, and Delicious Dish. 

Fix your sweet tooth with these tasty treats! 

Child’s Play

Childs Play Product Page!

This year we gave horror fans a real treat for Halloween and released an FYE exclusive, “Good Guys” cereal inspired by the original Child’s Play movie. Then we teamed up with Riot Society to bring an exclusive Child’s Play 2 tee to all stores and launched exclusive “Good Guys” inspired tie-dye tees and hoodies, at ComplexCon in California in November, along with our exclusive Child’s Play 2 Funko Pop! figure. 

Shop our entire collection of Child’s Play items here

Marvel’s 80th Anniversary

Marvel 80th Anniversary Product Page!

Marvel has been arguably the biggest name in pop culture this decade. On August 31st, 2019 we celebrated the 80th anniversary of Marvel Comics hitting the shelves. In honor of that tremendous milestone we teamed up with Neff to bring FYE customers an exclusive apparel line to celebrate the event. Fortunately, some of those pieces are still available! Stay tuned to our social media for more information about upcoming exclusive Marvel Pop!

Check out the Marvel 80th Anniversary products we have left here!  


We hope you enjoyed our lookback on the hottest trends of 2019, reach out to us on social media at the FYE Official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let us know what your favorite was! Also, don’t forget to check out our new Pinterest page for great FYE ideas!