FYE’s Anti-Valentine’s Day K-Pop Playlist

Who needs love when you have K-Pop songs to rock out to? Here’s our pick of 7 anti-love K-Pop songs that we recommend you to listen to this Valentine’s Day season! Check the list out below👇


What more is there to say except: “I’m so sick of this fake love, fake love, fake love / I’m so sorry but it’s fake love, fake love, fake love”?💔

Find the song that we all fell in love with last year from both Love Yourself: Tear  & Love Yourself: Answer. Already have both? Well, let’s hold hands and patiently wait for BTS‘s comeback together👐

#2. See U Later by BLACKPINK

Even though it’s not one of BLACKPINK‘s best-known songs, See U Later is a perfect breakup song for all the cool girls out there. Every single line is as good as a punch in the face! Our favorite part is when JENNIE goes, “Like an empty can, your “sorry” / now it’s just like a dog barking / everything about you is lame after I came to my senses” 👊

This song is listed in BLACKPINK’s first EP album, SQAURE UP, in which you can also listen to their hit title song, DDU-DU DDU-DU. If you are also one of the lucky ones to be at Coachella this year, you may get to see them perform their hits in person! More on that when the time is nearer…

#3. Shoot Out by MONSTA X

We can’t talk about the end of 2018 & anti-love theme in K-Pop without this flawless song from MONSTA X! It’s not just Jooheon – we’re all walking like zombies since this song dropped 😱 It sings about the despair after a breakup, and we totally get it – you would rather not have hope at all “if it’s all over,” right?

By the way, the entire album, which this song is the title track of, is full of total bops! If you haven’t already, check them out in Take. 1 Are You There?; it will prepare you for the soon-to-be-released Take. 2 We Are Here.

#4. I’M OK by iKON

Sure, we all listened to and loved the song Love Scenario in their 2018 album, Return, but you’ve gotta let go at some point, right? So it’s only logical we introduce iKON’s latest title track, I’M OK! This is the perfect song when you want to drown in loneliness; or rather, not drown in loneliness, because you know you’ve got others like you out there.

You can find this song and all the latest songs from iKON in their recent repackage album, New Kids Repackage: The New Kids.

#5. Siren by SUNMI

Every single song released by SUNMI is absolutely beautiful and catchy, but nothing compares to her latest release, Siren. She’s a gorgeous queen on the stage even when she sings the sorrow of star-crossed love.

Listen to Siren and all the other latest songs from SUNMI in her 2nd EP, WARNING, and get ready for her first world tour in March!

#6. I’m So Sick by Apink

How can we talk about anti-Valentine’s without Apink’s I’m So Sick? Its Korean title translating to “Not Even One Left,” I’m So Sick is a perfect song for those who are just done with relationships – “So baby, bye, bye, bye” 👋

Find this title track along with Apink’s other songs from their 2018 EP album, One & Six.  

#7. Be Myself by gugudan

gugudan is one of the girl groups that pull off powerful & energetic ‘concepts’ every single time, and it’s no different in Be Myself. This song is the ultimate self-esteem booster – it tells you to decide what it is like to be you yourself and show yourself more confidently.

Even though it isn’t actively against the love agenda, we felt like this song and, in fact, the entire album of ACT 5. New Action fits the bill very well!


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