I know, I know, the summer fun is coming to an end. No more beach Fridays
and weekends outside soaking up the sun. But don’t worry, we can still get
warm & cozy for fall. Freshen up your wardrobe with these fall season must
haves added to your closet.

FYE has created something unique and fun that everyone can wear this fall
season. Cool new styles, silhouettes, and colors all at a great price!
Dad, mom, boyfriend – FYE has them all covered & more.


Men’s Outerwear

Mens Vests

Lightweight options to keep you warm yet breathable. The vest features
full-zip front, pockets, & stand-up collar. The zip up jacket [Sherpa] offers
versatility with the hood and has stylish features with the contrasting black
on grey zippers and pockets. Both great for all seasons, but especially going
into fall. You can find these styles at your local FYE store

Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Como Jacket

Styles featured: Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Camouflage Jacket

Stylish camouflage Dragon Ball Z cargo jacket with with classic patch on the front gives you a fitted. Turns a normal plain utility jacket into a unique designer statement. 

Women’s Outerwear

Wonder Woman Logo Jacket

Styles featured:  Wonder Woman Logo Women’s Jacket

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! Step outside effortlessly styled in this two toned gold
and burgundy Wonder Woman bomber jacket. Who runs the world? Rep the world’s greatest superheroine while staying warm this fall season. 


Mens hoodies and sweatshirts

Styles featured: Marvel Est. 1939 Hoodie , NASA Established 1958 Hoodie,
Marvel Tri-Color Chevron Hoodie

These multi-color sweatshirts feature color blocking in varies colors mixed
with brands like NASA and Marvel. Iconic brands, comfort, and the right
amount of pops in color will make a great addition to your collection. 
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Godzilla Kanji Hoodie

Styles featured: Godzilla Kanji Hoodie

From hoodies to tees and long sleeve shirts, you can’t go wrong with
these solid stylish graphic go-to items. Godzilla, Polaroid, & Riot Society
to name a few, all feature new styles for fall. GO CHECK THEM OUT!

Kanji Apparel

Styles featured: Ls-tetris Triangle , Polaroid Kanji Women’s Skim T-Shirt,
Playstation Japan 1994 Kanji Hoodie

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Venom Kanji Hoodie

Styles featured: Venom Cosplay Hoodie 

Why not have some fun all year round! This is 3D fashion that can be worn for many occasions. Always need those fun items in your closet. These zip up cosplay jackets & tees are perfect for daily wear, Halloween, cosplay, or any themed party. See more Costume & Cosplay Apparel 

Mens Halloween Costumes

Styles featured: Superman Costume HoodieStar Wars Chewbacca Hoodie, Batman Costume Hoodie 

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We even have something for the smaller members of the family

Pet Costumes!

Styles featured: Spiderman Pet Costume, Incredible Hulk Pet Costume,
Where’s Waldo Pet Costume

Kids Costumes

Styles featured: Flash Costume Snap Suit, Lego Movie Emmet Costume Youth T-Shirt,
Sons of Anarchy Costume Snap Suit

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Skimmer Hoodies

Womans Skim Hoodies

Styles featured: I am Groot Women’s Skim Hoodie, I Love Corgi Women’s Skim Hoodie

New style for FYE to keep you cozy and warm. This skim crop hoodie hits right at the waist making it versatile. Wear with leggings, sweats, or jeans; who said comfort can’t be stylish too.

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Cosplay Beanies! Available in stores 

Cosplay Beanies!

Stitch Smiling Laplander,  Deadpool face LapLander, & more in stores & coming  soon online

Rick Pulldown Beanie

Styles featured: Rick Beanie Rolldown & more in stores & coming soon online

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Don’t forget that what goes underneath the clothes are just as important
as the outside! From Friends, Rick & Morty, The Office, & more


Mens Underware

See more new underwear styles: Men’s Women’s. You can find even more at your local FYE store.


Jersey Shore Grenade & The Situation, Bob Ross Happy Little Accidents Crew SocksThe Shining Kanji Socks, Friends “We Were On A Break” Socks

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