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Ugly Sweaters from FYE!

Ugly Sweaters from FYE!

We know, we know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet and all you can see are Christmas lights, holiday sales and great memes. 

Christmas vs. Thanksgiving Meme

Now, here at FYE, we love both holidays so much that we have decided to start you off with something that’s great for both…UGLY SWEATERS! Is there anything better than an ugly sweater party? Well, maybe one with plenty of eggnog, but we don’t have an eggnog department! Maybe I’ll talk to management about that unfortunate mistake. OK, before we go on a tangent about the many wonders of eggnog, here are some of our staff favorite ugly sweaters. Not looking for a sweater? Check out the rest of our holiday lineup!

The Office – May Your Holidays Be Merry & Dwight Ugly Christmas Sweater

Dwight Ugly Sweater

If you’ve looked at any of our “Top…” lists before you have probably seen Dwight there, and we felt it was very appropriate to put those beet stained teeth on an ugly sweater this year. PRO TIP: in case you haven’t heard, The Office will leave Netflix on 1/1/21, so keep in mind the clock is ticking! We only have a year left to binge! 

Rick & Morty – Get Your S#!T Together Christmas Sweater

Rick and Morty Ugly Sweater

The long awaited season 4 is here, and not a minute too soon! To all the twenty-something year olds that will be hearing “Get Your S#!t Together” this Thanksgiving, we feel your pain. Just ignore your nosey grandparents and think about Christmas. 

Bob Ross – Happy Little Holiday Christmas Sweater

Bob Ross Ugly Sweater

Gosh, we just love Bob Ross. He is the embodiment of positive energy that we need this holiday season. We love Bob Ross so much here at FYE that we have a full line of Bob Ross products. Check out this blog post for more information!  

Taco Bell Jingle Bells Taco Shells Ugly Christmas Sweater

Jingle Bells Taco Shells Ugly Sweater

Ok, we know, we’re all worried about our figures throughout the holidays. There is nothing worse than extra temptation throughout the holiday season while we’re all trying to keep the pounds off, but c’mon…Tacos! Seriously though, consider adding tacos to your Thanksgiving or holiday spread…you can thank us later. 

My Hero Academia Deku Christmas Sweater

My Hero Academia Deku Ugly Sweater

Don’t worry anime fans, we didn’t forget about you. My Hero Academia hit the anime scene hard in 2014 and has been a fan favorite ever since. Represent your fandom in style with this sweet Deku sweater. 

Dragon Ball Z Goku Symbol Sweater

DBZ Goku Symbol Ugly Sweater

Last but certainly not least is the Goku Symbol sweater. Only the most hardcore DBZ fans will recognize this, but you’ll know your in good company.

Sweaters not your thing? Check out these Smoking Jackets!

Dragon Ball Z Goku Dragon Smoking Jacket

DBZ Smoking Jacket

Bob Ross Smoking Jacket

Bob Ross Smoking Jacket

Rick & Morty – Pickle Rick Smoking Jacket

Rick & Morty Smoking Jacket

Alright, we’re wrapping it up for now. Make sure to check back to see the rest of our holiday blog posts. We’ll be keeping you up to date on all of our Black Friday/Cyber Monday and holiday deals. Stay up to date with our other social accounts to make sure you don’t miss a single deal! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter