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    Pots & Pans 0306 Aspirion / Aspirion/Arintha Star

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Review Text Pots & Pans is a highly inspired recording from one of jazz's greatest drummers, Billy Kilson. The award-winning drummer who performed with Dave Holland's various ensembles for the better part of his career leads his own BK Groove into the limelight with a daring 14-track rendition of the group's relationships and experiences. Accompanied by bassist Kenny Davis, Michael Sim on saxophone, and George Colligan on keyboards, these seasoned vets of the music scene offer listeners a solid chance to groove to their stellar improvisations, "groovements," and emotions. The first four tracks are brief "Groovements," which set the stage for Kilson's dynamic set. "Fuyu Hanabi," a reflection of the holiday season in Hokkaido, Japan, features Michael Sim on soprano sax. The influence of Weather Report throughout the Jaco Pastorius years clearly comes through during the solos by Sim and Davis as they instinctively play off each other's expressions. "Guardian Soul" is a four-minute mallet solo that reflects Kilson's affinity for African proverbs and a deep connection to his mother while "Indiescission" is probably the best representation of the many influences heard in BK Groove. This piece is a great jazz-rock fusion composition that demonstrates the versatility of the group and their ability to explode in an array of awesome rock-inspired notes and progressive jazz elements. Pots & Pans is pure, unfiltered, and a great form of expression for Billy Kilson's many influences. Top picks: the "Groovements" and "Aye (Forever Eternal Love)." ~ Paula Edelstein

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Groovements: Call - 1:53
  2. 2. Groovements: Premier Jour - 1:39
  3. 3. Groovements: A Camelot - 2:58
  4. 4. Groovements: Prelude (Fuyu Hanabi) - 0:27
  5. 5. Fuyu Hanabi - 7:45
  6. 6. Rabbit Kat - 6:00
  7. 7. Bibo No Aozora - 6:43
  8. 8. Guardian Soul - 4:53
  9. 9. Aye (Forever Eternal Love) - 5:13
  10. 10. Ji Ji - 0:24
  11. 11. Left Side - 5:45
  12. 12. Indiescission - 7:15
  13. 13. Darkness Rising - 5:43
  14. 14. Nuevo "Dingwalls" - 6:25

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