Crimsworth 397


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    Crimsworth 397 Resurgence

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Review Text As indicated by the score excerpt included on the insert, this CD's sweeping, swirling sound -- shot through with odd wet pops and plops -- was seemingly composed by Bill Nelson with a certain degree of magical order in mind. The music was created to accompany an art installation by painter Rob Ward, where the visitor would enter and walk along a platform leading out over water, thus becoming surrounded by the artwork, by reflections, and by Nelson's music. Fortunately, Nelson's drifting score works quite wonderfully without the installation, and can be said to have additional benefits in terms of a certain meditational usefulness. ~ Steven E. McDonald

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CD: 1

  1. 1. (Untitled) - 31:01
  2. 2. (Untitled) - 31:06

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