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    Bhopal Express 0600 Sony Music Distribution

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Review Text Featuring six slow, droning Indian pop songs from the movie of the same name, Bhopal Express is a hypnotic blend of flavors. Ila Arun's "Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo" is the standout track, a haunting effort that pairs a mournful female vocal with a flowing sitar line for nearly six minutes. Sagarika's jazzy "Hum Kya Log Hai" is equally as good, with every instrument flowing together slowly as the snapping of fingers and a sparse drum machine part urge the song along. Ila Arun's other contribution, "Udan Khatola," is the only up-tempo song on the entire soundtrack, a percussion-heavy track featuring a sugary vocal part. The rest of the soundtrack is filled with similar tracks from male performers that aren't half as interesting, and a snippet of dialogue matched with some of the film's moodier music. This is great for fans of the movie; it features the important songs from the soundtrack and a few beautifully shot pictures from the film. Otherwise, despite the quality of the music, this is not the wisest investment: There are only six songs and the album doesn't make it to the 30-minute mark. This is recommended for fans of the film's music, but no one else really needs to check this out. ~ Bradley Torreano

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Tu Kaun Hai - 4:03
  2. 2. Is Nagari Mein - 3:10
  3. 3. Hum Kya Log Hai - 6:38
  4. 4. Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo - 6:31
  5. 5. December 2nd, 1984 - 3:50
  6. 6. Udan Khatola - 5:15

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