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In reflection of the patriotic fervor attending America's entry into WWI, the World Film Corporation felt emboldened to serve up this filmed biography of legendary flagmaker Betsy Ross. Alice Brady, daughter of studio head William A. Brady, played the title role, while Betsy's mentor George Washington was portrayed by George MacQuarrie. Inasmuch as the story of Betsy Ross was largely a fabrication to begin with, the screenwriters had no qualms about concocting a romantic triangle involving Betsy, her sister Carissa (Lillian Cook), and their mutual sweetheart Clarence Vernon (Frank Mayo). Joseph Ashburn (John Bowers), who has a crush on Betsy, challenges Clarence to a duel and apparently kills his opponent, whereupon Ashburn adopts an assumed name and joins General Washington's army. Meanwhile, Clarence recovers from his wounds and rejoins his regiment in the British army. What happens next is eminently predictable, though one has to admit that it is heaps more exciting than watching Betsy Ross sewing the Stars and Stripes together for six reels. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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