Ben Folds Five (Bonus Track) (Jpn)


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    Ben Folds Five (Bonus Track) (Jpn) Toshiba

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Review Text The debut album from piano-playing Ben Folds' smart-ass trio is a potent, and extremely fun, collection of postmodern rock ditties that comes off as a pleasantly workable combination of Tin Pan Alley showmanship, Todd Rundgren-style power pop, and myriad alt-rock sensibilities. The gimmick here is that not a single guitar was used on the 12 songs; but the way that Folds and his bandmates unravel their instruments (piano, bass, and drums make up this combo), even the most hardened noise enthusiasts will hardly miss it (it's the melodies that carry this album, and Folds has plenty of them up his sleeve). Some of it is a bit coy -- Folds plays the joker as much as he does the musician -- but with the dead-on "Underground," they manage to skewer, and pay loving tribute, to the oh-so-hip indie scene from which they came. ~ Michael Gallucci

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Jackson Cannery
  2. 2. Philosophy
  3. 3. Julianne
  4. 4. Where's Summer B?
  5. 5. Alice Childress
  6. 6. Underground
  7. 7. Sports & Wine
  8. 8. Uncle Walter
  9. 9. Best Imitation of Myself
  10. 10. Video
  11. 11. Last Polka
  12. 12. Boxing
  13. 13. Tom and Mary

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