Battling Bunyan



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Bunyan (Wesley Barry, who was too old for former child roles, but too young to be a credible adult) works as a garage mechanic and his sweetheart, Molly Coshgan (Molly Malone), also works there. When Johnny Prentiss, the lightweight champion (Johnny Relasco), comes into the garage and starts flirting with Molly, Bunyan wants to fight him. This gives Prentiss' manager, Jim Canby (Frank Campeau) an idea -- he offers to pay Bunyan to stage comic fights to amuse the audience. Bunyan agrees since he is saving up to buy a partnership in the garage. When Prentiss comes back to town for another fight, Canby offers Bunyan 200 dollars for every round that he can stay in the ring with the champ. Bunyan is thrilled because a thousand dollars is what he needs for the partnership. He only manages to stay for four rounds, but he's still a hero to Molly, who goes to see him. She's stopped, however, by Prentiss, who makes a grab for her. Bunyan immediately springs into action and knocks his opponent cold. Canby lets him have the full thousand, and Bunyan is able to buy the partnership and wed Molly. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

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