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    Serial Mom 0494 MCA

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Review Text John Waters' sardonic Serial Mom starring Kathleen Turner as an impossible pairing of June Cleaver and Ted Bundy may be a laugh riot, but the soundtrack is cruel and unusual punishment. This strange release is comprised of just two songs followed by the movie score composed by Basil Poledouris (Blue Lagoon, Conan the Barbarian). L7 was the perfect onscreen choice to portray Camel Lips, performing the sonic noisefest "Gas Chamber" -- "blindfold me and hang me high/lethal injection, watch me fry." Oddly enough, the very next track is Barry Manilow's sunshine sing-along, "Daybreak," which is funny on film but not on record. The remaining time is devoted to crisp scoring by Poledouris, but the faint at heart may balk at explicit movie dialogue sliced around most of the selections. Although this music worked brilliantly for the movie, the soundtrack on its own is a tough listen, and largely noteworthy as the only source for L7's raucous "Gas Chamber." ~ Craig Curtice

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Gas Chamber - 4:01
  2. 2. Daybreak - 3:08
  3. 3. Main Title (Mom's Suburban Dream) - 5:48
  4. 4. Morning Suite (I'll Get You Pussyface!) - 2:05
  5. 5. It's Been a Crazy Day, Hasn't It? - 3:23
  6. 6. Flea Market Suite (Stood Up and Skewered) - 7:02
  7. 7. Sterner Payback - 6:40
  8. 8. Buckle Up, Scotty!! - 3:36
  9. 9. Courtroom Suite (In Memory of a Fashion Victim) - 3:01
  10. 10. I'm Coming Home! - 3:19

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