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    Thumbelina 0494 SBK Records / Capitol

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Review Text One needs to be open in order to think of film soundtracks as a separate piece from the film. Sometimes it is easy, as with The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which will definitely not appeal to all audiences, but even those who dislike it will have a good chance at liking the songs. Thumbelina should work in the same way, but has a tougher obstacle to overcome -- the film is not thought of with much regard and has a relatively small fan base. The film was disappointing to critics with its disorderly plot and enormous and uncontrollable character ensemble. The music by Barry Manilow with lyrics by Bruce Sussman and Jack Feldman is actually memorable and very listenable. Though the "Disney/other animation company" topic becomes tiresome, it is necessary to say that a few of the songs would have made a Disney hit had they only had the fortune of film displacement. The best musical films incorporate great music with a great story and characters. A good piece of music, however, does not need outside character or story to make itself better. Credit certainly goes to Jodi Benson, Broadway veteran and voice of Ariel of The Little Mermaid. As Thumbelina she is even more childlike and naive, somewhat ditsy, and has an overflowing amount of charisma. On the ballad "Soon" she makes an old-fashioned and emotional windowsill plea for her prince to come and find her. The duet "Let Me Be Your Wings" is the pivotal song, the one that reprises often (at least as background music so that we can't forget it), but it is not the only one. "Follow Your Heart," sung by Gino Conforti as a bird named Jacquimo, is a terrific, inspirational throwback to munchkin land. Unlike the current trend in animated musicals to trim the song count for wider appeal, Thumbelina attempts and succeeds at being a complete and confident musical. Also lending vocal talents are Randy Crenshaw, Carol Channing, and Charo. ~ Peter Fawthrop

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Opening Credits: Let Me Be Your Wings - 2:34
  2. 2. Follow Your Heart (Intro) - 2:46
  3. 3. Jacquimo Tells the Story - 2:59
  4. 4. Thumbelina - 3:31
  5. 5. Soon - 2:55
  6. 6. Entrance of the Faeries - 2:49
  7. 7. Let Me Be Your Wings - 3:58
  8. 8. Mama Toad Kidnaps Thumbelina - 1:10
  9. 9. On the Road - 3:20
  10. 10. Over the Waterfall - 2:45
  11. 11. Follow Your Heart - 2:13
  12. 12. Yer Beautiful, Baby - 3:48
  13. 13. Cornelius Searches for Thumbelina - 1:09
  14. 14. Soon (Reprise) - 2:55
  15. 15. Let Me Be Your Wings (Sun Reprise) - 1:51
  16. 16. Marry the Mole - 2:50
  17. 17. Thumbelina Escapes - 2:11
  18. 18. Finale: Let Me Be Your Wings/Follow Your Heart - 4:54
  19. 19. Let Me Be Your Wings (End Title Duet) - 3:19

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