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Review Text Emekan Balanse Asim Afamefuna International Reggae Artist/ Songwriter; Balanse released his independently labeled masterpiece, "Give Thanks". Hugely popular among the International scene, the song speaks to the very core of everyone that listens and sings the uplifting lyrics. Balanse implement the self-reliance teachings of Marcus Garvey and Mahatma Gandhi with the independent release of his own label, EBA Afam Enterprise Inc. Born and raised in the Waterhouse community of Kingston in Jamaica. While in his teens, Balance vocal talents were recognized unexpectedly by his Sr. Brother, a recording artist himself, while rehearsing a new song. To his brother's wonderment, he was captivated by the sounds of Balanse's spontaneous and sweet sounding harmonization to his song. Immediately Balanse was asked to join his brother's performing group "Magic Essence" as a background vocalist. After some time and talent adjustments, the group changed it's name to "Mighty Rudo" The group recorded "Sun Shine", "Just Cool", and "Ain't No House Like Waterhouse" with King Jammy's Production. These songs were distributed in Europe and all over. One of Jamaica's premiere performing and recorded groups "Rags And Riches" approached the young artist to work on a temporary project. The project was the acclaimed Jamaica Independence Song Festival, a national event. The collaboration was a success with the performance of the song "Jump and Shout". After migrating to the USA the artist decided to go solo. He started writing songs and recorded them under the name "Courtney Tek". One such song was recorded at Dr. Paul's recording Studio in South Florida, USA entitled "Mama Nuh Worry". The completion of this project embarked Balanse's song writing journey. With the conflicts of life and the injustices of our society, Balanse realizes there are many topics to write about which can help to stabilize conditions in the community. He finds pleasure in making people laugh, think and tap into themselves. This is manifested through his music and song writing skills. Balance is affectionately known as Picture Tek in the world of photography. He is an accomplished photographer whose images have span the globe covering major music performances, & cultural events. The music & performance productions have been an asset to this artist and his musical work. Balanse describes his music as International Reggae. The music has a foundation reggae sound blended with world rhythms in a modern flare. His heartfelt lyrics come across in his song writing, and inviting vocal resonance. Some of his pieces have a dance hall feel. His creative style and harmonious arrangements set him apart in his genres. Balance is on a spiritual journey. He believes music is a vehicle used to touch the mind with soulful messages. He carefully chooses to use this educational tool to inspire and bring about self-awareness. Presently working on an album entitled "Creation" 12 - 15 tracks, all tracks are written by Balance with the underlined signature of enlightenment and empowerment. As an Indie artist he looks forward to producing timeless songs with universal lyrics that speak to all. To get more refreshing vibration to the ear, mind and soul, check out Balanse Music.

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