Telecommunication (Jpn)


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    Telecommunication (Jpn) Jvc Victor
    1. Telecommunication (Jpn) Jvc Victor
    2. Telecommunication Concord / Milestone / Universal

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Review Text A mixed bag that has more strengths than weaknesses, Telecommunication demonstrates Azymuth's ability to occasionally get into trouble when resorting to hi-tech gimmickry for its own sake, but also illustrates how rewarding the Brazilian trio can be. With its vocoder-ish hijinks, the funk-influenced "May I Have This Dance" is a dated and corny bit of silliness unworthy of Azymuth. But there's also much to admire on this CD, including the haunting "The House I Lived In," the sensuous "Country Road," and the sentimental "Last Summer in Rio." Though keyboardist/pianist José Roberto Bertrami and bassist/guitarist Alex Malheiros do not always stretch out enough, the results are quite appealing when they do. ~ Alex Henderson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Estreito de Taruma
  2. 2. What Price a Samba
  3. 3. Country Raod
  4. 4. May I Have This Dance
  5. 5. Nothing Will Be as It Was
  6. 6. Last Summer in Rio
  7. 7. House I Lived In

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