Ice Level (Dig)


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    Ice Level (Dig) Infinite Best

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Review Text Following a string of EP releases, Ice Level is the claustropobically elaborate full-length debut from Brooklyn-based indie cold funk collective Ava Luna. Taking inspiration from the late-'70s Ze Records hybridization of funk and No Wave, or the like minded freak-disco of 99 Records acts like ESG, the eight songs on Ice Level are all slick, slinky, and wiry numbers. The nervy R&B compositions are fronted by brainchild/N.Y.C. producer Carlos Hernandez and augmented by stunning vocal arrangements from Felicia Douglass, Rebecca Kauffman, and Anna Sian. The album is an in-depth study in tension and release, sometimes on a micro level, aiming for the skeletal instrumentation and directness of something like Lizzy Mercier Descloux's disconnected grooves. Complex vocal harmonies bracket almost every verse beautifully à la Dirty Projectors, and the songs' lack of any type of hooks or pop sensibilities isn't a problem, as they get by on the power of the vocal interplay and liquid nature of the playing. ~ Fred Thomas

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. No F - 4:52
  2. 2. Ice Level - 5:58
  3. 3. Stages - 3:22
  4. 4. Wrenning Day - 4:26
  5. 5. Sequential Holdings - 4:03
  6. 6. Down-Right - 4:09
  7. 7. Year of Mirth - 5:56
  8. 8. Calculus - 4:43

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