Eternal Bandoneon


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    Eternal Bandoneon Yoyo USA

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Review Text This budget collection is, despite its discographical issues, a rare treat. Bogota's Yoyo Music has assembled a stellar collection of early material starring bandoneon master and nuevo tango composer Astor Piazzolla. What is so remarkable about this set is that Piazzolla composed only five of the 19 pieces collected here -- including his early classic "Se Armó," which shows the drama entering his music from a very early period -- in fact, this tango is more a truly classical piece than it is strictly a tango. But then, as many know, he was a classical composer before he met Pauline Oliveros. Many of these tracks are florid, excerpted from other works, or from musical theater, but many of them are rather modern tangos adhering to the popular tradition of the music of Argentina from the early through the middle of the 20th century. This is popular music for dancing, there are singers -- and unfortunately, there are few credits. His own pieces also include the dramatically intense theme "Pigmalion" (sic), the song "En la Huella del Adiós," and "Se Fue Sin Decirme Adiós," all written with the great Aldo Campoamor. The most moving work here -- and the one that greatly foreshadows his later work -- is "Quejas de Bandoneón," with its striking piano and violin, and with the swirling bandoneon playing a harmonic counterpoint. The price is right on this set, which can be found on Yoyo's website or at better online and brick-and-mortar stores. For the hardcore Piazzolla fan, this will be essential listening. ~ Thom Jurek

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Se armo, tango song - 3:42
  2. 2. Adiós a Marinero, tango for bandoneon - 2:28
  3. 3. Quejas de bandoneón, tango - 5:12
  4. 4. Taconeando - 3:04
  5. 5. Ojos trestes, tango - 2:20
  6. 6. Inspiracion, tango - 3:07
  7. 7. Pigmalion, tango song - 3:08
  8. 8. En la Huella del adiós ("Fue por un amor sin amor"), tango song - 3:20
  9. 9. J'attends ("Se fue sin decirme adiós"), tango song - 3:07
  10. 10. Cargamento, tango - 3:38
  11. 11. Republica Argentina, tango - 3:08
  12. 12. Cafetin De Buenos Aires - 3:04
  13. 13. Como abrazao a un rencor, tango - 3:35
  14. 14. Tiernamente, tango - 3:52
  15. 15. Sólo se quiere una vez ("La lluvia de aquella tarde"), tango song - 3:12
  16. 16. Milagro, tango - 3:15
  17. 17. Che Bartolo, tango - 3:33
  18. 18. Tapera, tango - 3:24
  19. 19. Ahi va el dulce ("Con llanto 'e bandoneón"), tango song - 3:53

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