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    Ao 0507 Inpop Records

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Review Text Fresh-faced Canadian Christian rockers Article One have only one particularly unique musical feature, but it's a pretty good one: violinist Matt Piché provides an unexpected texture to these otherwise standard-issue pop/rock tunes. Aside from Piché's violin, Article One's music is strictly by the numbers, but although they bring little else that's new to the post-Coldplay strain of modern alternative rock, they do what they do pretty well. Matt's brother Nathan Piché handles the vocals, guitar, keyboards, and most of the songwriting, and he's competent albeit unspectacular at all stations. The songs are pleasantly tuneful in a manner that recalls Keane and any number of other similarly nice but inconsequential bands, but nothing particularly stands out. This is the sort of album one would barely notice if it were playing in the background, which is both its blessing and its curse: AO is not bad enough to be annoying, but nor is it good enough to be memorable. ~ Stewart Mason

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Slow Down - 4:33
  2. 2. Say It Again - 4:02
  3. 3. In No Time at All - 4:38
  4. 4. Hold Onto Me - 5:39
  5. 5. Heaven Let Me Know - 3:22
  6. 6. Still at a Green - 4:41
  7. 7. So Many Ways to Say Goodbye - 5:47
  8. 8. Walls - 4:03
  9. 9. Dream October - 4:14
  10. 10. Run (Shattered and Twisted) - 4:13
  11. 11. Confetti Smile - 4:42

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