Strength Of Steel (Dig)


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    Strength Of Steel (Dig) The End
    1. Strength Of Steel (Dig) The End
    2. Strength Of Steel (Arg) Hypnotic / Icarus

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Review Text The first of two Anvil offerings originally released on Metal Blade, Strength of Steel signaled the decline of this once-promising Canadian outfit. The band's eroding commitment to heaviness may have been due to increasing commercial and legal concerns that followed their long period without a record contract. The second to last disc from Anvil to feature the Toronto act's original lineup, Strength of Steel is a collection of plodding, seriously fatigued metal. A comical video for "Mad Dog" brought Anvil some much needed MTV exposure, but like many Strength of Steel numbers, the song was so comical and cliché-ridden, very few fans in post-Metallica America could take it seriously. Although the group continued recording for over 15 years, it became clear after Strength of Steel that Anvil would never make a large dent in the metal marketplace. ~ Vincent Jeffries

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Strength of Steel - 4:30
  2. 2. Concrete Jungle - 5:21
  3. 3. 9-2-5 - 3:56
  4. 4. I Dreamed It Was the End of the World - 4:15
  5. 5. Flight of the Bumble Beast - 2:25
  6. 6. Cut Loose - 3:29
  7. 7. Mad Dog - 3:14
  8. 8. Straight Between the Eyes - 3:19
  9. 9. Wild Eyes - 3:26
  10. 10. Kiss of Death - 5:22
  11. 11. Paper General - 5:49

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