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    Reiki Essence New Earth Records

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Review Text REIKI ESSENCE is a recording specifically designed for the practice of Reiki, yet it can also be appreciated purely for its musical merits. A collaboration between synthesizer whiz Nik Tyndall and kiboe player Anuvida, this is an atmosphere-creating album that soothes the mind into a state of tranquility and peace. Anuvida's kiboe, a unique instrument that resembles the zither, creates a rich, tonal color, and blends perfectly with Tyndall's lush layers of synthesizer, creating resonances and vibrations that ease away tension and daily distractions. Some tracks are intentionally calming, others are quite rhythmic, but all of REIKI ESSENCE is appropriate for Reiki practice, sustained meditation, or simple relaxation.

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Sacred Mountains - 5:04
  2. 2. Wonderous Secrets - 7:36
  3. 3. Dream in the Sky - 9:44
  4. 4. Healing Essence - 10:54
  5. 5. Feel Your Body Float - 8:32
  6. 6. Gentle Flow - 6:27
  7. 7. Within a Rainbowed Sea - 7:39

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