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    Mobilize A-F Records

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Review Text Political punk rock has always felt pressure from society because of the extreme reaction many have to extreme political ideas. A good example of this situation was what Anti-Flag went through in the wake of the September 11th tragedy. Their name was viewed as "un-American" by many, and they found themselves on the receiving end of a minor album ban. On top of that, their anti-violence stance was very unpopular in the revenge-happy environment immediately following the attacks. Although it wasn't nearly as widespread as what some musicians had felt, it was enough to inspire them to address the issue on Mobilize, the first album they released since the incident. Brimming with anger, "911 for Peace" is one of the most literate songs to address the topic yet. Where some musicians simply mourned for the city or called out for blood, Anti-Flag took a stand and called for an end to the "eye for an eye" mentality that hit the nation. Of course the song never really took off (it was released for free on their website), but it fits in nicely with the punk rock anthems following it on the album. They address a number of other political topics throughout the album, including corporations, abortion, and carefully choosing who builds the future. Not every song has the insightful lyrics of "911 for Peace," but Justin Sane was never a Jello Biafra waiting to be discovered. Instead, the approach is similar to Ian MacKaye's Embrace project, spelling out the message with little room for subtlety or humor. But this is much more in tune with the innovators of punk rock, making hundreds of candy-coated bands floating around the underground just look silly. On top of that, the band writes songs that are easier to remember and absorb than anything it's done before. The album isn't a landmark, but instead it is a solid document from a band that continues to improve with every album. ~ Bradley Torreano

Track Listing

Record: 1

  1. 1. 911 For Peace
  2. 2. Mumia's Song
  3. 3. What's The Difference
  4. 4. We Want To Be Free
  5. 5. N.B.C. (No Blood-Thirsty Corporations)
  6. 6. Right To Choose
  7. 7. We Don't Need It
  8. 8. Anatomy Of Your Enemy
  9. 9. Underground Network
  10. 10. Tearing Everyone Down
  11. 11. Bring Out Your Dead
  12. 12. New Kind Of Army
  13. 13. Their System Doesn't Work For You
  14. 14. Free Nation
  15. 15. Spaz's House Destruction Party
  16. 16. Die For The Government

Record: 2

  1. 17. Alert Aware Involved
  2. 18. Risen Up
  3. 19. Dark
  4. 20. 77 Threat
  5. 21. Us And Them
  6. 22. Save The Humans
  7. 23. Sign Of The Times
  8. 24. Solitude
  9. 25. Whole Lot Of Nothing
  10. 26. Big Bang
  11. 27. It's Hard
  12. 28. Green Light Yellow Light Stop
  13. 29. Erase The Days
  14. 30. We Found A Place
  15. 31. Critical Writing Assignment
  16. 32. Are We Dead Yet
  17. 33. Goodbye America
  18. 34. 911 For Peace
  19. 35. I Can't Stand Being With You
  20. 36. I Don't Want To
  21. 37. I Still Love You Julie

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