Ana y los Otros


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Ana (Camila Toker) has been living in Buenos Aires for several years when she decides to return home to the seaside city of Paraná. She wanders about town, seemingly aimlessly. She goes to the beach and sunbathes. She runs into an old friend from high school, Diego (Ignacio Uslenghi), who has lost a lot of weight. She stays with another high-school friend, Natalia (Natacha Massera), who is now married with a little girl. She casually asks after her old boyfriend, Mariano, but it soon begins to seem that finding him was her main reason for returning to Paraná. No one's seen Mariano. Rumor has it, he set out for Victoria, either looking for a job, or an ex-girlfriend. After a reunion at Natalia's house, Diego confesses that he and Mariano had a falling out because Diego also had romantic feelings for Ana. After this discussion, Ana avoids Diego's calls. She goes to Mariano's apartment and waits outside, where she meets a boy, Matías (Juan Cruz Díaz la Barba). Matías goes with Ana to Victoria, where he helps her try to track Mariano down. On a stakeout waiting for Mariano, Ana tries to help Diego find a way to approach a girl he likes. Ana and the Others was written and directed by Celina Murga. The film won awards at several festivals and was shown by the Film Society of Lincoln Center in 2004 as part of their Latinbeat Film Series. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

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