All's Well, Ends Well [Extended Version] [Blu-ray]


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All that's well almost didn't end well for this all-star romantic comedy, as part of the negative was stolen by a triad and held for ransom prior to the film's release. It was recovered, however, and became a big hit with its terrific cast and breezy episodic story of a number of offbeat romances. Among the star-crossed lovers are Raymond Wong as an unhappy husband who cheats on his wife (Sandra Ng) with a beauty queen (Sheila Chan); a masculine lesbian biker (Teresa Mo) who finds happiness with the submissive Leslie Cheung; and a disc jockey (Stephen Chiau) in love with a movie-obsessed woman (Maggie Cheung) whose behavior changes with each film she sees. The film is heavy on raunchy bathroom humor, there's an obligatory karaoke scene (watch for director Clifton Ko as an irate patron), and numerous send-ups of everything from Pretty Woman to A Chinese Ghost Story. It began a tradition for writer-producer Raymond Wong (not directly involved with this film except as an actor), who delivered celebrity-studded sequels on New Year's every few years, despite the fact that not many viewers found them very funny. 1993's All's Well, Ends Well, Too was the next installment. ~ Robert Firsching, Rovi

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