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    All The Right Reasons Roadrunner Records
    1. All The Right Reasons (W/Dvd) (Spec) Roadrunner Records
    2. All The Right Reasons Roadrunner Records
    3. All Right Reasons(Special Edition) (Bonus Dvd) Roadrunner Records

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Review Text With their fourth album, All the Right Reasons, Nickelback ditches any pretense of being a grunge band and finally acknowledges they're a straight-up heavy rock band. Not that they've left the angst of grunge behind: they're a modern rock band living in a post-grunge world, so there's lots of tortured emotions threaded throughout the 11 songs here. But where their previous albums roiled with anger -- their breakthrough "How You Remind Me" was not affectionate, it was snide and cynical -- there's a surprisingly large sentimental streak running throughout All the Right Reasons, and it's not just limited to heart-on-sleeve power ballads like "Far Away" and "Savin' Me," the latter being the latest entry in their soundalike sweepstakes. No, lead singer/songwriter Chad Kroeger is in a particularly pensive mood here, looking back fondly at his crazy times in high school on "Photograph" ("Look at this photograph/Every time I do it makes me laugh/How did our eyes get so red?/And what the hell is on Joey's head?"), lamenting the murder of Dimebag Darrell on "Side of a Bullet" (where a Dimebag solo is overdubbed), and, most touching of all, imagining "the day when nobody died" on "If Everyone Cared" (which would be brought about "If everyone cared and nobody cried/If everyone loved and nobody lied"). Appropriately enough for an album that finds Kroeger's emotional palette opening up, Nickelback tries a few new things here, adding more pianos, keyboards, and acoustic guitars to not just ballads, but a few of their big, anthemic rockers; they even sound a little bit light and limber on "Someone That You're With," the fastest tune here and a bit of relief after all the heavy guitars. All this makes for a more varied Nickelback album, but it doesn't really change their essence. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Follow You Home - 4:20
  2. 2. Fight for All the Wrong Reasons - 4:44
  3. 3. Photograph - 4:18
  4. 4. Animals - 3:06
  5. 5. Savin' Me - 4:39
  6. 6. Far Away - 4:58
  7. 7. Next Contestant - 4:34
  8. 8. Side of a Bullet - 3:00
  9. 9. If Everyone Cared - 4:38
  10. 10. Someone That You're With - 4:01
  11. 11. Rockstar - 4:15

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