All The Little Lights (Dlcd)


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    All The Little Lights (Dlcd) Black Crow
    1. All The Little Lights (Ogv) Music on Vinyl
    2. All The Little Lights (Dlcd) Black Crow

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Review Text All the Little Lights, the third long-player from Mike Rosenberg, better known as the founder, vocalist, songwriter, and driving force behind English folk-rock outfit Passenger, continues in the vein of 2010's Flight of the Crow, offering up another evocative collection of heartfelt, largely acoustic, indie folk gems that invoke names like Coldplay, Van Morrison, Villagers, Mumford & Sons, and even Neil Young. Recorded once again in Australia, All the Little Lights represents an evolution in both Rosenberg's songwriting and his overall sound, maintaining the emotional intimacy of his previous outings while introducing a bigger and bolder production style.

Track Listing

Record: 1

  1. 1. Things That Stop You Dreaming
  2. 2. Let Her Go
  3. 3. Staring at the Stars
  4. 4. All the Little Lights
  5. 5. Wrong Direction
  6. 6. Circles
  7. 7. Keep On Walking
  8. 8. Patient Love
  9. 9. Life's for the Living
  10. 10. Holes
  11. 11. Feather on the Clyde
  12. 12. I Hate [Live from the Borderline, London]

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