Like Flies On Sherbert


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Review Text On the strength of his Big Star releases from the early 1970s and a host of live performances he gave during the latter half of the 1970s, Alex Chilton had rightly become a rock connoisseur's darling and an inspiration to independent-label bands throughout the United States. Despite all this favorable attention, he would not return to the studio until 1980. Sadly, this release is a dreadful disappointment. Production values are among the worst this reviewer has ever heard: sound quality is terrible, instrumental balances are careless and haphazard, and some selections even begin with recording start-up sound. Chilton's false-start vocal on "Boogie Shoes" is simply left in without correction. Many of the songs here stop dead or fall apart rather than ending properly. Instrumental playing is universally slipshod and boorish, and vocals are sloppy and lackluster. A cover of the Lonnie Mack hit "I've Had It" contains vocals that, without exaggeration, sound like a group of tavern inebriates trying to sing. An attempt to burlesque Elvis Presley's vocal excesses in "Girl After Girl" misfires badly. A few of Chilton's songs here, such as "My Rival" and "Hook or Crook," aren't bad in their own right and would have been listenable had they been performed and produced better. Regrettably, this album cannot be recommended under any circumstances. ~ David Cleary

Track Listing

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  1. 1. Boogie Shoes
  2. 2. My Rival
  3. 3. Hey! Little Child
  4. 4. Hook or Crook
  5. 5. I've Had It
  6. 6. Rock Hard
  7. 7. Baby Doll
  8. 8. (Stranded on A) Dateless Night
  9. 9. Girl After Girl
  10. 10. Waltz Across Texas
  11. 11. Alligator Man
  12. 12. Like Flies on Sherbert
  13. 13. Baron of Love, Pt. 2
  14. 14. No More the Moon Shines on Lorena
  15. 15. She's the One That's Got It

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