Skyscraping (Uk)


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    Skyscraping (Uk) Cherry Pop

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Review Text After spending half the better part of a decade in semi-retirement, Martin Fry regrouped ABC for the surprisingly successful comeback Skyscraping. Instead of pursuing the dance-pop inclinations of ABC's late-'80s records, Fry returns to the grandly theatrical new romantic pop of Lexicon of Love, cutting it with some contemporary dance production techniques. Collaborating with Heaven 17's Glenn Gregory, Fry constructs a number of shiny pop gems, highlighted by glammy guitars and shining synthesizers. While Skyscraping isn't as consistently thrilling as his best '80s singles, it has a number of fine moments, and is ABC's best record since How to Be A...Zillionaire!. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Stranger Things
  2. 2. Ask a Thousand Times
  3. 3. Skyscraping
  4. 4. Who Can I Turn to?
  5. 5. Rolling Sevens
  6. 6. Only the Best Will Do
  7. 7. Love Is Its Own Rewards
  8. 8. Light Years
  9. 9. Seven Day Weekend
  10. 10. Heaven Knows
  11. 11. Faraway

CD: 2

  1. 12. World Spins On
  2. 13. All We Need
  3. 14. Stranger Things [Acoustic Version]
  4. 15. Skydubbing
  5. 16. Stranger Things [Live]
  6. 17. Rolling Sevens
  7. 18. The Look of Love [Live]
  8. 19. All of my Heart [Live]
  9. 20. Skyscraping [Alternate Version]

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