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Review Text There simply isn't a lot to say when a band puts the name of its chosen style of music in the title of their album, like when a bunch of greased-up tattooed dudes call their album "Rockabilly Cats" or when a bunch of third or fourth-generation hardcore kidz call their album "Punk Rools OK" or whatever. This is a band that's telling its target audience, "We know exactly what you want, and we're gonna give it to you, with no surprises." It's instructive to note that Abandoned has so far done this twice with successive albums. Thrash You! follows exactly the same template as Thrash Notes, with 14 brief punk-metal tunes that occasionally hint at some Iron Maiden-style NWOBHM influence (especially on "Feel the Fire" and "Damned for All Time") but mostly just serve up yer basic thrash with professional courtesy. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but don't expect anything more. ~ Stewart Mason

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