A Murder of Crows - Under the Flesh


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    Under the Flesh CD Baby

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Review Text 'I like boys who wear makeup/I like boys who play dress-up/I like boys who like boys that know how to dance . . .' - Murder of Crows, 'Black Sugar Tongue' Happy music sucks. And you know it. The world isn't pretty and rose-colored, filled with happy endings and sunshine. It's ugly, cruel, vicious, and then you die. Anyone who says different is either an idiot or trying to sell you the One-Hit-Wonder-of-the-Week. Murder of Crows don't pull any punches. They play dynamic, sharp-edged music that reflects the darker side of human experience. No whining or coma-inducing atmosphere, just heavy-duty riffage and plenty of vitriol. Fans of Godsmack and Tool will find plenty to like on MofC's new release, Under the Flesh, from Blood & Bone Music. Murder of Crows have been making their mark in the Seattle scene since the autumn of 1996. Led by singer/lyricist Winter Jaye and guitarist The Deuce, backed by the steady rhythm of James Murray on bass and G Williams on drums, the band's crunching guitar, powerful, melodic bass lines, and heavy-duty drumming underline Winter Jaye's fierce vocal delivery, making for a potent live show. Murder of Crows are known for their versatility and energy; their complex, intelligent music never fails to entertain. Their first recording, Toys of Desperation, was independently released in September of 1998, garnering favorable reviews. Under the Flesh, the band's first full-length release, hit the streets August 15th.

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