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    Forever Autumn 0799 Black Mark
    1. Forever Autumn 0799 Black Mark
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Review Text The most instrumentally dense, musically accomplished release from Lake of Tears, Forever Autumn is probably the group's finest accomplishment. With its metal-cum-folk dramatics and melancholy harmonicas, Lake of Tears draws what must be an unintended comparison to American alt-rock prankster outfitWeen. It's very doubtful that members of either band even heard of -- much less listened to -- the other, but Forever Autumn's high-contrast folk/prog/metal (especially the sedate and conversational vocals on tracks like "The Homecoming") bears an eerie comparison to many a Ween classic. All random musical associations aside, the dense, well-arranged "So Fell Autumn Rain," "Hold on Tight," and "To Blossom Blue" stand out as career bests for Lake of Tears. Listening to Lake of Tears' mid-'90s work, it would have been hard to guess that the group could assemble a recording this realized and well-performed by the end of the decade. That said, Forever Autumn is very far from being a superior rock or metal recording. It is simply a fine effort from a lesser '90s Euro-metal band. ~ Vincent Jeffries

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. So Fell Autumn Rain - 5:23
  2. 2. Hold on Tight - 4:06
  3. 3. Forever Autumn - 6:56
  4. 4. Pagan Wish - 4:23
  5. 5. Otherwheres - 4:54
  6. 6. Homecoming - 5:15
  7. 7. Come Night I Reign - 4:50
  8. 8. Demon You/Lily Anne - 4:21
  9. 9. To Blossom Blue - 8:14

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