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    Takeover Westworld

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Review Text Though the 1993 studio album You Us It! was a great return to form for the band, this follow-up is loads better, filled with fantastic songs and the same energy that fueled their first four albums. Nick Cash still sings like a wildcat roaming the recording studio, while Guy Days remains the more grounded one. Arturo Bassick's simple but very effective basslines carry the songs while Pablo Labritain pounds the skins as if all of their lives depended on it. From the chunky title track to the closer, "Pile Up," this is 999 soaked in adrenaline and a pure, unadulterated love for what they're doing. "Salvage Mission," "Didn't Mean To," "I Can't Wait," and "No Prisoners" are just a few of the tracks that, although more mature in nature, could have fit on any of the first four albums. Certainly one of the best albums the band has ever recorded, it is increasingly hard to find since the label went belly-up shortly after its release. If you find a copy, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, some enterprising label should certainly look into a possible reissue. ~ Steve Schnee

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