Heart Of Uncle (Uk)


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    Heart Of Uncle (Uk) Ace / Ryko Distribution

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Review Text "Conventional" is the last word one will use to describe the music of 3 Mustaphas 3, whose Heart of Uncle looks to locations ranging from Istanbul to Dublin for inspiration. Though a variety of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean styles make up its foundation (including Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Indian, and Jewish music), the quirky, wildly experimental British group doesn't hesitate to surprise listeners by throwing in influences from Ireland ("Sitna Lisa") and Latin America. "Trois Fois Trois (City Version)" is a merengue song that is sung in French as well as Spanish, while "Trois Fois Trois (Country Version)" has more of a quasi-ambiance but is sung only in French. Meanwhile, "Kem Kem" and "Yeni Yol" show that Scottish/Celtic and Mid-Eastern elements can, in fact, be quite compatible. A musical roller coaster from start to finish, the album is one only the most adventurous listeners should acquire. ~ Alex Henderson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Awara Hoon
  2. 2. Trois Fois Trois
  3. 3. Sitna Lisa
  4. 4. Mama O
  5. 5. Ovcepolsko Oro
  6. 6. Kem Kem
  7. 7. VI Bist du Geveyzn Far Prohibish'n?
  8. 8. Kaba Mustapha / Valle E Gajdes
  9. 9. Trois Fois Trois
  10. 10. Yeni Yol
  11. 11. Taxi Driver
  12. 12. Benga Taxi
  13. 13. Aj Zajdi Zajdi Jasno Sonce
  14. 14. Anapse to Tsigaro

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